Carnaval Ha Long 2020

The Corlorful Street Performance

Carnaval Ha Long is a famous festival of Ha Long city and Quang Ninh province. Coming to Carnaval Ha Long festival, visitors will be immersed in the space of festivals, performing arts on stage and under the street. Great to welcome a new summer tourist season, contributing to introducing to domestic and international friends about the land, people of Quang Ninh, about Ha Long – Heritage, natural wonders of the world.




Opening hours

Normally, the festival will be held in late April and early May every year, coinciding with the Independence holiday, the beginning of the vibrant summer tourist season of the coastal city of Ha Long. In 2020, the festival will be held on 2th September, 2020.


  • Enjoy street performances
  • Art performance program
  • Fireworks
  • Cuisine



Where is the festival held? 

Carnaval Ha Long Festival is usually held in famous tourist destinations, large spaces, beautiful views. Depending on the year, the festival will be held in different places. The venue for the year 2020 is the beach of the burning beach with Carnaval square facing the sea with the number of seats up to 2000 seats. Note when participating in the festival you should go early to get a favorable position: Because this is one of the major festivals and attracts many visitors every year. Therefore, a small note for you is to go earlier than the time to organize the activities in the festival to have a good viewing position, as well as the most complete experience.

What is the schedule suitable for the festival?

When participating in the Carnaval festival, you should pay attention to booking Halong hotel at least 15 days in advance. Because, Ha Long festival season attracts thousands of cross-tourists to attend, if you do not book in advance, it will be difficult to find the desired accommodation during the festival. Because the festival will last for several days, visitors can arrange a schedule to attend one of the following: street shows, food festivals, music shows, festivals firework. The shows are scattered over many days and often in the evening, so visitors can comfortably visit the sights during the day, and mingle with the festive atmosphere at the end of the day.

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